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It is time again to celebrate another Archaeology Month!  In years past DAHP has published a paper calendar with a listing of events.  For a listing of month-long archaeology related activities, just click on events in the calendar.  For special daily events, just click on any date on the calendar that has a link and a printer friendly, detailed description of the event will instantly pop-up.  Check back from time-to-time because this new system allows us the luxury of adding events as they come into our office.  The staff at the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation invite you get out and explore Washington State‚Äôs many fine archaeological sites and museums during National Archaeology Month.


October 2017 Calendar

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   John R. Jackson House
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 Twilight Towns of the Watershed: Cedar Falls 

Twilight Towns of the Watershed: Taylor 

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Historic Sites of Thurston County, Part 2
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 Twilight Towns of the Watershed: Cedar Falls

  Archaeology Days Wanapum Heritage CenterArchaeology Days Wanapum Heritage Center 
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