Wisaard Q & A

Good day everyone! Hope to see you all soon at an upcoming Wisaard training! See here for dates and locations. We recently started working on a new feature for Wisaard, E- APE. You will soon be able to submit your APE online!

Q: I am going to update and archaeology site form and don’t know what Project # to put it under, what should I do?

A: If the site form was submitted before we made the switch to online forms in September 2016 (which most of them were), the original form will not be associated with a Project #. We simply do not have that Archy form to Project link in our data. So you will not find the original form anywhere in a Project/Activity.

Going forward, it is important to associate updated forms with existing Projects as appropriate. It is important to put the update with the Project that the update is associated with, which may or may not be the Project under which the original form was submitted.

For example, KI01189 was originally submitted with Project # is 051209-10-FHWA (a number that was assigned in 2009). The form is now being updated as a result of the same Project so the update will go with that Project number. Since the original form is not within an Activity associated with that Project (because the form was submitted pre-online archy site form) you would simply create a new Activity to put the update in. Reminder: Archaeology site forms and historic property inventory forms should go in separate Activities.


Q: What happened to the isolate form?

A: We have discontinued the isolate form. All archaeology sites and isolates should be recorded on the new Archaeology site form.




Preservation@50 Celebration Cancelled!

In view of the storm predictions from today into Sunday, Dr. Allyson Brooks has decided to cancel the Preservation@50 event scheduled for Saturday at noon in Everett.

While this is a disappointment, Dr. Brooks  feels it is best for everyone involved and participating to be safe, to avoid hazardous driving conditions, and be prepared for the predicted high winds and heavy rain.

While we may miss observing the event on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the NHPA on October 15, 1966, we still belief that this is a noteworthy effort that is worth marking. We are also proud of the role played by Washington’s congressional representation led by US Senator Jackson in shaping the historic preservation legislation and getting it to the President’s desk.

Stay tuned for re-scheduled event info later this fall.


Join us for a Preservation @50 Celebration next Saturday in Everett!!


preservation 50 FINALThe 50th Anniversary celebration of the National Historic Preservation Act is happening on Saturday, October 15, 2016. To celebrate this pivotal event in the historic preservation movement, you are invited to join State Historic Preservation Officer Allyson Brooks and DAHP Staff at Washington Celebrates Preservation@50 at noon on the 15th at the historic Everett Theatre in downtown Everett. On that date in 1966, President Johnson signed the Act into law with U.S. Senator Henry Jackson close at hand.

Everett is the site of the event in recognition of the large role played by then Washington Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson in shaping the legislation and seeing its passage through Congress to the President’s desk. Jackson was born and raised in Everett and his political life had a great influence on the city and state.

Doors for the event will open at noon on October 15 with light refreshments available. The program will start at 12:30 and end at around 1:30. Everett preservationist Jack O’Donnell will lead a walking tour of the Downtown Everett Historic District following the program and a slice of cake. The Everett Theatre is located at 2911 Colby Avenue in Everett 98201:  http://www.historiceveretttheatre.org/

The event is free and open to the public. However, an RSVP is requested to help us plan for the event. Send questions and your RSVP to: Beverly.Ubias@dahp.wa.gov and include “Preservation@50” in the subject line and the number of persons attending.



Wisaard Q & A

Howdy! Looking forward to seeing you all at a Wisaard training session soon! Until then….

Q: I have a Project that has historic property inventory forms and archaeology sites, should I put all of the forms in one Activity? Where should I put the report?

A: No, please put archaeology site forms in one Activity and historic property inventory forms in a separate Activity. The reason for this is submittal timing. Archaeology site forms must be Submitted in order to be assigned official site numbers to include in reports. Once the forms are submitted and assigned site numbers, the Activity cannot be edited, which means you will not be able to add anything else to that Activity, including the report or any historic property forms. So, if you have historic property forms it is best to put them in a separate Activity since you will likely be submitting them at a different time and they do not have an official number assignment process. You should upload the corresponding report to the Activity that contains the historic property inventory forms. Do not create a separate Activity just for a report in this scenario.

If you only have archaeology sites, you must enter the site forms in one Activity and upload the Report to a separate Activity. Two Activities total.

If you only have historic property forms, upload the report to the same Activity that the forms are in. One Activity total.

The key to having nice, reliable data to work with is to make entries as concise and consolidated as possible. Thank you all for your help with this!



Obituary David H. Chance

DavidChanceDavid H. Chance, Northwest archaeologist and historian, passed away on July 25, 2016 in Lebanon, New Hampshire.  He was seventy-five years old.

David was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1941.  When he was eight he moved, along with his family, to Assam, India.  He remained in India until he was eighteen years of age.  Growing up he roamed the Naga Hills with his father and the Himalayas, near Woodstock School in Mussoorie.  He became an experienced outdoorsman and developed a deep regard for the natural world.  He also became fluent in speaking Assamese.  His India years instilled in him a love of human culture, past and present.

For more than thirty years David was an archaeologist in the Pacific Northwest, working on sites in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.  His work ranged from Native American sites to Hudson’s Bay Company posts and U.S. Army Forts.  Some sites of note include Kettle Falls fishery; St. Paul’s Mission; Fort Colvile of the Hudson’s Bay Company; Lapwai Creek and Spalding Mission; Fort Spokane; City of Rocks; Hatiupuh Village on the Snake River and Kanaka Village at Fort Vancouver.  He produced dozens of published reports, booklets and books on these subjects.  David spent his life exploring the past in order to connect it to the present and future.

David is survived by his wife, Jennifer, and their five children, Katherine Plager, Maxwell Chance, Maia Jonasson, Aleksander Chance and Thomas Chance.  He has nine grandchildren.  His parents, Dorothy Worrall and Maxwell Chance preceded him in death, as did his sister, Margaret Howard.  His sister, Rebecca Chance, and brother Thomas Chance, both reside in Oregon.

David’s ashes will be scattered in the Pacific Northwest next summer.  The exact time and place has not yet been determined.  Everyone is invited to come and remember this intrepid and insatiably curious man.DavidChance


Second Seattle Wisaard Training added

We have added a second Seattle training session. Please email Beverly.Ubias@dahp.wa.gov to register.

WISAARD Training
WSDOT NW Region Office, Cafeteria Conf rm
15700 Dayton Ave North
Shoreline WA
Tuesday November 22, 2016
9 am to 12 pm




Save the Date! PRESERVATION@50 October 15, 2016


preservation 50 FINALPlease join State Historic Preservation Officer Allyson Brooks and DAHP Staff at Preservation@50 on Saturday October 15, 2016 at the historic Everett Theatre in downtown Everett. The event is to observe and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) by President Johnson on October 15, 1966.

Everett is the site of the event in recognition of the large role played by then Washington Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson in shaping the legislation and seeing its passage through Congress to the President’s desk. Jackson was born and raised in Everett and his political life had a great influence on the city and state.

Doors for the event will open at noon on October 15 on Preservation@50 with light refreshments available. The program will start at 12:30 and end at around 1:30. A guided walking tour of the Downtown Everett Historic District will follow after the program. The Everett Theatre is located at 2911 Colby Avenue in Everett 98201:  http://www.historiceveretttheatre.org/

The event is free and open to the public. However, an RSVP is requested to help us plan for the event. Send questions and your RSVP to: Beverly.Ubias@dahp.wa.gov and include “Preservation@50” in the subject line and the number of persons attending.



Jurisdictions (cities and counties) interested in requesting that the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) nominate their community for participating in the State’s Complete Streets program, must submit their request and nomination support materials to DAHP by 5:00 pm Monday, October 3 for consideration. Established by the State Legislature in 2015 (RCW 47.04.320), the program is intended to “encourage city and county governments to adopt complete streets policy; these policies mandate that cities and counties plan, design, operate and maintain their streets while considering all transportation users and modes.”

The Program is administered by the State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB). To be eligible to participate in the program, jurisdictions must be pre-qualified by TIB by demonstrating adoption of a Complete Street policy.

TIB has selected DAHP as one of 4 state agencies and 5 non-profit organizations to serve as a “nominating” entity. That means that DAHP can “nominate” up to 10 eligible jurisdictions to TIB to be included in the State’s Complete Streets program and compete for available grant funding. In selecting the 10 jurisdictions to nominate to TIB, the SHPO will be looking to make sure the jurisdiction supports a local Main Street program and/or is a Certified Local Government (CLG). In addition, DAHP has developed the following tips and guidance for submitting requests to the SHPO to be nominated to the Complete Streets program. Please read the guidance carefully and contact Greg Griffith for any questions or clarifications.

The SHPO and the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) want to share with you some insights and guidance on the SHPO’s process for reviewing and submitting nominations to TIB on October 21, 2016. If your community (city or county) is interested in participating in the Complete Streets program with an opportunity to receive funding for an appropriate project, please be sure to review the information on the TIB Complete Streets website, and view the TIB August 30 webinar together with the following points:

Please review the following points about DAHP’s Complete Streets nomination process:

1)      Take a look at TIB’s webpage with information about the Complete Streets program (http://www.tib.wa.gov/grants/completestreets/CompleteStreets.cfm). From this webpage, you can view the August 30th one hour webinar on the program as well as links to the MSRC website and Smart Growth America website with more information about Complete Streets.

2)      Once you become acquainted with the material on the webpage and the webinar, it will become evident that this is not a grant application to fund a specific project. Instead TIB has selected four state agencies and five non-profit organizations to nominate qualified jurisdictions (city or county) to TIB for their demonstrated commitment to the Complete Streets ethic. Demonstration of local commitment to the Complete Streets ethic is very important.

3)      Once you review the nomination form, you will see that it is a short, straightforward form in Excel format. In essence, there are three topics/questions that need to be completed: “Briefly describe what motivates your organization to nominate this agency”; “What indicators of the complete streets ethic have you seen in this agency?”; and “Has your organization been involved in complete streets planning with this agency, if so, how?”

4)      Please keep in mind that in considering the three statements in the nomination form and reiterated in #3 (above), that in this context “organization” refers to DAHP and “agency” refers to the local jurisdiction to be nominated to the Complete Streets program.

5)      DAHP is one of the four State agencies (“organization”) that is authorized to submit nominations on behalf of the eligible local jurisdictions. This means that the nomination forms that DAHP elects to forward to TIB will be signed by State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) Allyson Brooks.

6)      DAHP will be relying on prospective jurisdiction as candidates (the “agency”) to help us by drafting required narrative in the nomination form.

7)      It will be important that the most appropriate “agency” and “agency contact” (on page 1) be indicated on the nomination form. This needs to be a city or county official in your jurisdiction who is legally authorized to implement the Complete Streets program and associated projects.

8)      TIB has allotted ten Complete Streets nominations for DAHP to submit to TIB by October 21, 2016. The other nominating agencies/organizations also have nomination allotments. See the TIB website on the other organizations and their allotted number of nominations.

9)      Note: of DAHP’s 10 nomination slots, at least two of those must be of small towns and/or located in Eastern Washington.

10)   Are you an eligible jurisdiction? The above referenced webpage has a link to the list of eligible jurisdictions (there are currently 54 listed). If your jurisdiction is not on the list and would like to be considered for eligibility to apply for the program, we recommend you contact TIB immediately for direction.

11)   Since DAHP must forward nominations (up to 10) to TIB by October 21st, we are setting a deadline of Monday October 3rd at 5:00 pm for the draft nomination documents to be submitted to the agency for our review; comments/edits/revisions; and a final decision by the SHPO as to whether each nomination should be forwarded to TIB for consideration on October 21st.

12)   Note: the SHPO has decided that applications from Certified Local Governments (CLG’s) and/or certified Main Street communities will receive priority for DAHP’s 10 allotted slots for nominating jurisdictions. For a list of communities with certified Main Street programs, visit this DAHP webpage: http://dahp.wa.gov/main-street-programs. For a list of CLG’s and contact info, visit this DAHP website: http://dahp.wa.gov/clg-program-participants.

13)   The SHPO and DAHP will also be coordinating our review process and responses with Breanne Durham, Washington State Main Street Program Manager. Breanne can be reached at: BDurham@preservewa.org.

14)   Complete Streets and DAHP? What’s the connection? Plenty. In the Complete Street ethic, the Main Street program, and in historic preservation, streets are more than asphalt funneling the maximum number of cars in the shortest span of time through a community. Rather, the character, quality, appearance, safety, and design of streets are key to healthy, vibrant, and economically strong communities, especially historic downtowns, historic commercial district and other historic neighborhoods…urban and rural. By fostering a range of transportation options, experience has demonstrated that an attractive, safe, and accessible downtown or neighborhood creates places where people want to live, work, and play, in contrast to places where moving cars is the top priority.

15)   In question 3 in the nomination document (“Has your organization been involved in complete streets planning with this agency, if so, how?”) DAHP recommends this would be the most appropriate space to describe how your jurisdiction has supported local Main Street program work and/or local historic preservation efforts. Information that would be useful to share in your narrative are that your jurisdiction…

1)      Has adopted ordinances, policies, plans, planning elements, design guidelines, etc. that supports local efforts to protect cultural and historic resources (buildings, structures, sites, districts, objects, landscapes).

2)      Has a certified Main Street program.

3)      Cooperates and coordinates with the local Main Street program.

4)      Has in-place local planning, environmental review, permitting procedures/processes that consider impacts of proposed projects on cultural/historic properties and downtown revitalization efforts.

5)      If transportation projects have potential to affect cultural/historic properties and downtown revitalization efforts, your jurisdiction has or intends to implement appropriate mitigation.

6)      Has planned/undertaken transportation projects that successfully integrates protection of cultural and historic resources.

7)      Has planned/completed transportation projects that supports downtown revitalization and/or considers the impacts of transportation projects on downtown.

8)      Include an example or two of any of the above.

Again, if your jurisdiction would like to be nominated by DAHP to the Complete Streets grant program, please note the advanced 5:00 pm October 3, 2016 deadline to submit a draft nomination for our review and follow-up work. In the meantime, questions should be directed to Greg Griffith at either greg.griffith@dahp.wa.gov or 360-586-3073. Draft nomination documents should be emailed to Greg and the SHPO Allyson Brooks at Allyson.Brooks@dahp.wa.gov.

Thank you, we look forward to working from you.


Wisaard Q & A – Bellingham Wisaard Training Announced

Greetings! If you have been receiving double blog posts lately, we apologize and I believe we have that fixed. We have also been experiencing bugs in the system overall since the rollout of the new features. Please bear with us as we work them out.

Great news! We have scheduled a Wisaard training in Bellingham

  • When: December 6, 2016.
  • Where: Bellingham City Council Chambers at 210 Lottie St., Bellingham
  • What time: 9:30 am and end at 12:30.
  • Please register by sending an email to Beverly.Ubias@dahp.wa.gov. Please include Bellingham Wisaard Training in the subject line.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have removed the validations from Wisaard entirely. I think this is good news! What this means is that the Wisaard will no longer prevent you from Submitting an Activity if you have not filled in a required field. It also means that the Validation buttons have been removed. If your submission is missing something, DAHP staff will notify you.



Wisaard Q & A – 9/21/2016

Greetings! I hope you’re all enjoying the new features. I have prepared a tutorial for the Print and for the Archaeology site form. You can find them here. As always, call or email with any questions.

Upcoming Wisaard Training: The Seattle session is completely full. We still have limited space available in the following sessions. Please email Beverly.Ubias@dahp.wa.gov to reserve a spot. If you have reserved a spot for Seattle, but are not going to be able to make it, kindly let us know so we can open the space to others.

  • Richland: Wednesday, October 26th, Richland Public Library, Conference Room A&B, at 955 Northgate Drive, from 1pm to 4pm.
  • Spokane: Thursday, October 27th, at Eastern Regional Headquarters of WSDOT at 2714 N Mayfair St, Spokane, WA 99207; training will take place from 8am to 11am.
  • Vancouver: Tuesday, November 8th, at the Vancouver Community Library, Columbia Room, at 901 “C” Street, Vancouver, from 9:30am to 12:30pm.
  • Olympia: Tuesday, November 15th, Columbia Room of the Legislative Building in Olympia from 9am to noon.