Views from the Northwoods – Polson Museum – Hoquiam

Depicting modern logging in Grays Harbor and Mason counties, our exhibit displays twenty-nine of Tylczak’s evocative images, plus one-hundred-and-eighty cycled on our flat-panel TV. As Simpson’s bridge shows, John Tylczak has mastered the black-and-white art of the large-format camera.

Inspired by legendary logging photographers B. B. Jones and Darius Kinsey, Tylczak is described by state historian John Hughes as “a gifted photographer,” his works, “historically significant and artistically impressive modern hidden treasures.”

The places and tools of modern logging come alive in Tylczak’s views. Visitors can take a rewarding backward glance at the memorable people who have made Northwoods logging and sawmilling hum.

The exhibit runs through the end of the year.


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