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An international gathering on adapting historic coastal communities to sea level rise
Hosted by the City of Annapolis with
Support from the Newport Restoration Foundation.
October 29 – November 1, 2017
Call for Presenters

Originally convened by the Newport Restoration Foundation in April 2016, Keeping
History Above Water was one of the first national conversations to focus on the
increasing and varied risks posed by rising waters on historic coastal communities and
their built environments. Keeping History Above Water engages specialists from across
the United States and the world to share experiences, examine risks, and discuss
solutions with an emphasis on case studies and real world applications. Keeping History
Above Water approaches the issue of rising waters – inclusive of sea level rise, tidal
flooding, extreme precipitation, and subsidence – from a multi-disciplinary perspective
in order to develop practical approaches to mitigation, protective adaptation, and
Given the leadership of Annapolis on cultural resource planning for rising waters
through its Weather It Together: Protect Our Historic Seaport initiative, the City of
Annapolis was selected by the Newport Restoration Foundation – a lead sponsor of
Keeping History Above Water — to be the next forum host city. In Annapolis,
practitioners and scholars will continue the dialogue, disseminate best practices, and
engage new audiences. Leaders in the fields of historic preservation, business, culture,
tourism, economics, urban planning, flood plain management, environment,
sustainability, design, engineering, emergency management, and national defense will
participate in lectures, workshops, roundtables and tours that focus on practical
solutions to the hazards associated with rising waters.
Annapolis will host more than 240 conference participants from October 29 –
November 1, 2017 for this international conference, building on the exploration in
Newport of the consequences of rising waters, hazard mitigation planning and
adaptation strategies in coastal communities worldwide. With Annapolis as host and
the States of Maryland and Virginia as key sponsors, a special emphasis will be on
flooding impacts in the Chesapeake Bay region.
KHAW: Annapolis looks to attract presenters with regional, national and international
expertise on issues of flooding, hazard mitigation and adaptation in the areas of
environmental and social science, economics, land-use law and planning, historic
preservation, national security, media and messaging, disaster response, community
engagement, technology and design.

Please visit to review the
guidelines and apply to present at the conference.

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