CLG training resources

Presentations from 2017 CAMP in Tacoma

Legal Basics for Historic Preservation by Dan Corson

Meeting Procedures by Karen Gordon

Preservation Planning by Karen Gordon

Building Public Support by Amanda DeCort

Other Training Resources

Building a Defensible Record

Law and the HPC

Local Government Citizen Advisory Boards publication from MRSC

State of Washington Open Meetings Training

Legal Citations for Historic Preservation Case Law in Washington State from the MRSC website

Certified Local Government Quiz 

Do you need any training in order to be a better historic preservation commissioner or staff? Take this quiz and find out! If you don't get 100% call or email Kim Gant ( or 360-586-3074) and set up a training session! Don't worry, I can't see who took the quiz or what your score is. This is to encourage self-assessment.