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Welcome to Washington’s award winning on-line searchable database for all cultural resources in the State, WISAARD. The Washington Information System for Architectural and Archaeological Records Data (WISAARD), allows users to search for listed properties via a map or a text query. 

A variety of information available for over 1800 registered historical sites, and over 300,000 inventoried sites.  Information includes images of the property, a short summary description about the significance of each resource and a link to the nomination and/or inventory form. Specific components of the records (such as Archeological sites) are exempt from disclosure (RCW 42.56.300) to prevent looting and vandalism.

Two text queries are available, a simple and advanced, which allows a user to search for properties by historic name, address, city, county, architectural style, built date, historical use, architect and listing status.

The database was funded by a generous grant from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. 


"How to Use WISAARD" Tutorial 



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Note the WISAARD application contains PDF documents that require the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader version.