Typically two winners per category annually:

Career Achievement Award:  A nominee in this category demonstrates an exemplary career in the pursuit of Cultural Resource Preservation typically as an advocate, developer, educator, politician, or scientist.

Historic Preservation Stewardship Award:  Much like a Career Achievement Award, the nominee in this category should a have an exemplary track record of stabilizing, preserving and maintaining a historic or pre-historic site over a significant period of time.

Special Achievement Award:  This catch-all category is for nominees that don’t conveniently fit into another.  Winners in this category are typically those who make a contribution to, but might not have a career in, cultural resources; or those who make a contribution to cultural resources but have yet to achieve a long-standing historic preservation stewardship background.

Valerie Sivinski Rehabilitation Award:  The nominee in this category must demonstrate how their restoration or rehabilitation of a historic property was a laudable effort using the Secretary of The Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation, or achieved a satisfactory result by going over and beyond the normal accepted practices.

Typically one winner per category annually:

Barn Rehabilitation Award:  A specialty award given using the same criteria as a rehabilitation award listed above but for current barn preservation efforts.

Cemetery Preservation Achievement Award:  A nominee in this category should demonstrate outstanding career achievement, stewardship, or a completed preservation effort in the context of preserving a historic cemetery.

Preservation Education Award:  A nominee in this category should demonstrate skills as an educator of Historic Preservation Trades; aides in the research field of Cultural Resources; or the nominee could be one that advances a new curriculum for Cultural Resource education.

Media Award:  A nominee in this category should have a proven track record for advocacy of Cultural Resource issues using mass communication technologies to reach the general public. 

Preservation Planning Award: A nominee in this category should craft a cultural resource planning document; or demonstrate a successful implementation of a cultural resource protection plan by illustrating how that implementation was successful.

Note the SHPO reserves the right not to issue an award in a category.