Meet the Staff

State Historic Preservation Officer / Director
Allyson Brooks, Ph.D. 
(360) 586-3066
Overall Program Administration, Budget, Legislative Relations.

Latest Hobbies?  I started kickboxing (and have the bruises to prove it). I also started Crossfit.
What's on your ipod?  Everything from Beethoven to Broadway to the Sex Pistols.
Iphone or Android? I use an Apple iphone for work and a Samsung Galaxy S5 for personal use.  It's like being ambidextrous. 
First job? Making french fries at Burger King.
First Album? Hunky Dory - David Bowie.

Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
Greg Griffith
(360) 586-3073
(360) 890-2617 - Cell
Comprehensive Planning, Environmental Project Review.

Work Hours: 8-5, Mon-Fri



State Architectural Historian
Michael Houser
(360) 586-3076
(360) 890-2634 - Cell
National Register of Historic Places, Washington Heritage Register, Heritage Barn Register, Washington State Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Assessing the importance of your historic property, DAHP Website

Work Hours: 8-4:30, Mon-Fri

First Car? Believe it or not... A "pink" 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible.
Latest read?  The Split Level Trap by Richard Gordon - 1960
Favorite Architect? Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris - otherwise known as Le Corbusier. 
Pets? LuLu (German Short-Haired Pointer), and Sparky (Domestic Shorthair Cat)
Hobbies?  Creating the annual homemade Houser Family Christmas Card. Past designs include a playbill, an Oly-Girls Catalogue, and sratch-off lottery style tickets.

Certified Local Government Coordinator & Survey Program Manager
Kim Gant
(360) 586-3074
(360) 584-5900 - Cell
Certified Local Government Programs, Certified Local Government Grants, Historic Property Survey & Inventory, DAHP Blog.

Work Hours: 7-5, Mon-Thurs - Telecommute on Tuesdays. 

First car? 1989 Honda Civic
Pets? Boo Boo Kitty and Lady, sweet sweet kitty cats. I'm almost a crazy cat lady.
Hobbies? In my spare time I make quilts and travel as much as possible.
Pet Peeve: Bad service
Favorite place to visit? Alaska. Went whitewater rafting on Sixmile Creek last year and it was unforgettable!

Historical Architect
Nicholas Vann
(360) 586-3079
(360) 628-2170 - Cell
Investment Tax Credit, Environmental Review of Historic Buildings, Heritage Capital Grants.

Work Hours: 7-5, Mon-Thurs

First car?  Power Wheels. Red. "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"
Guilty pleasure? Watching TV court shows and playing with LEGOs.
Pets?: Walter - a Great Dane / German Shepherd rescue puppy, Edwin (who looks like a butler) - a Tuxedo cat, and Ella - a Russian Blue rescue cat.
Pet Peeve: Bad Mexican food, and when Houser makes up profile info about me before I can input info myself!
Favorite place to visit? You mean I have to pick one?! Definitely New Orleans.

Preservation Design Reviewer
Russell Holter
(360) 586-3533
(360) 890-0174 - Cell
Historic Preservation Design Review and Consultation, National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106, training coordination.

Work Hours: 7-5, Mon-Thurs

First car?   A 1962 Dodge Swinger with a typewriter-style transmission selector.  I didn’t go on many dates.
Are you technologically challenged? Yes, that is why I don’t twitter, which just sounds weird to me.  It also bugs me when people try to converse with me in text.  Here’s an example, I see this all the time: “I.D.K.” what does that mean?
Pet: Angus--a black Scottish terrier.  Very handsome.
Pet Peeve: People who blow their nose at the table.
Hobbies?  I am a writer.  I have written one book: Rails To Paradise; and several manuscripts including Clams On the Roof, about my days working at KBRD, KAYO, and KGY.  Come to think of it…that book might never get published.



State Physical Anthropologist
Guy Tasa , Ph.D.
(360) 586-3534
(360) 790-1633 - Cell
Human Remains Identification, Preservation, Excavation, and Repatriation; RCWs 27.44, 68.50, 68.60

Work Hours: 6-4:30, Mon-Thurs

What was your first car? 1970 Buick Skylark with big wide tires and lots of chrome.
What is your Biggest Pet Peeve: I can't eat meat on the bone!  Weird I know!!
What are your hobbies when your not busy at work? 
Pez Collecting, 20th Century Military History and closet geneologist.
Are you technologically challenged?
No... but I don't let anyone know that.
Do you have any Pets?: Nootka - Minature American Eskimo Terrier Mix, Baghera & Penelope - Tuxedo Cats

Assistant State Physical Anthropologist
Juliette Vogel
(360) 586-3075
(360) 890-2633 - Cell
Human Remains Identification, Preservation, Excavation, and Repatriation; RCWs 27.44, 68.50, 68.60

Work Hours: 7-5:00, Mon-Thurs


State Archaeologist
Rob Whitlam, Ph.D.
(360) 586-3080
(360) 890-2615 - Cell
Archaeology, Environmental Review of Federal Projects involving Archaeology,  Section 106 and GEO-0505, Volunteer Opportunities in Archaeology, Archaeology and Oil Spill Response. 

Work Hours: 6-4:30, Mon-Thurs

What do you drive?  My fisrt car was a 1968 Austin 1300. Now it’s a 1962 Land Rover Series IIA.
What are your hobbies when you’re not busy at work?   Tinkering on the Land Rover.
Are you technologically challenged? No... and I prefer Ubuntu.. open source.
Do you have any Pets? Cisco—the Wonder dog, a rescue Chihuahua

Assistant State Archaeologist
Lance Wollwage, Ph.D.  
(360) 586-3536
(360) 890-2616 - Cell
Archaeology, Native American Burial Excavation Permits and Washington State Archaeological Excavation Permits, Data Sharing Agreements for GIS, and Rules Coordinator.

Work Hours: 7-3, Mon-Fri

What do you have that most others lack? Mandibular tori
What do you lack that most others have? Xyphoid process
What odd truth have you learned through experience? After soaking and screening woodrat middens, the smell of amberat stays in your nose for days.
What do you read besides project proposals, consultation letters, and cultural resource reports? I am working through the list of Science Fiction Grand Masters. 

Transportation Archaeologist
Matthew Sterner                        
(360) 586-3082
(360) 280-7563 - Cell
Archaeology and Native American issues relating to transportation projects.

Work Hours: 6:30-4:30, Mon-Thurs

What is your name? It is Arthur, King of the Britons.
What is your quest?  To seek the Holy Grail.
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

Transportation Archaeologist
Dennis Wardlaw                         
(360) 586-3085
(360) 485-5014 - Cell
Archaeology and Native American issues relating to transportation projects.

Work Hours: 7:30-5:00, Mon-Thurs; 7:45-4:30 Fri (off bi-weekly)

Local Government Archaeologist
Gretchen Kaehler
(360) 586-3088
(360) 628-2755 - Cell
Archaeology and Native American issues relating to local government projects and SEPA.

Work Hours: 9:00-7:00, Mon-Thurs

Why did you want to become an archaeologist?  I didn’t.  I wanted to be a veterinarian and then I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark!
Favorite Vacation: A month in Romania, playing with gypsy children, hiking in the Carpathians, getting locked in a graveyard at dusk, and sampling some very interesting cheeses.
What are your hobbies when you’re not busy at work?  Traveling, hiking, running, reading, and volunteering at a horse rescue because I don’t have room for a horse of my own.
Biggest Weaknesses? Coffee, low-budget zombie movies and large dogs.
Do you have any Pets? Oreo – Tuxedo cat, Toby-Garfield cat, Clyde-Beagle, Misty-Great Pyrenees (satisfies my weakness for large dogs and takes the edge off not having my own horse).


Site Records Manager
Rick Anderson
(360) 586-3070
GIS Data Management, Site Records and Inventory Research Management, and Public Records Officer.

Work Hours: 7:30-5:30, Tues-Fri

Favorite food: Vietnamese
Most challenging travel: trains in India
Favorite band/music: The National
Next overseas travel destination: Egypt/Jordan

GIS Cultural Resource Analyst 
Morgan McLemore
(360) 586-3081
GIS quality control, database administration, Issuance of Archaeological Site Numbers and Forest Practice Application Review.

Work Hours: 6:30-4:30, Mon-Thurs


What is your favorite hobby? SCUBA diving around the waters of the Pacific Northwest.
Most remote place you have ever hiked? Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego
Other languages you speak? Spanish

Resource Protection
Annie Strader
(360) 586-3078
GIS Cartographer.

Work Hours: 7:30-5:30, Tues-Thurs & 7-5, Fri



Financial Manager
Loren Doolittle
(360) 586-3072
Financial management, grants and budget.

Work Hours: 8:30-5, Mon-Fri

What is your favorite pastime? Going to auto races.
What is your favorite activity at the beach? Extracting clams for clam chowder.
What's nice about about my age?
Hanging with my grandchildren.
Why did I choose accounting as a career? For employment.

Executive Assistant
Beverly Ubias
(360) 586-3077
Assistant to the director and administrative support.

Work Hours: 8:00-4:30, Mon-Fri

Favorite pastime? Ballroom dancing
Favorite dance? Argentine Tango
Music? Led Zeppelin, Yanni, GoTan Project, Enigma
First Job?
Packing pineapples for Dole in Honolulu

Office Assistant
Chukyi Kyaping
(360) 586-3089
Administrative support. 

Favorite hobby? Blogging and binge-watching Ancient Aliens.
Favorite music? The Stones, INXS, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Pet peeve: When people spell “definitely” as “defiantly.”
Role Model: Gomer Pyle.

Work Hours: 8:30-5:00, Mon-Fri